Google: end of support for Internet Explorer 9

Google has just announced that the will stop putting effort in supporting IE9.
As a consequence, so will we. Support for IE9 will of course be available on special request.

Gigapixel image of Everest

Gigapixel image of Mount Everest and the Khumbu glacier. Pan and zoom to incredible detail. You can even see Everest basecamp and climbers making their way up. Captured by David Breashers. Glacierworks.orgGigapixel image of Everest


Chrome is now used more than IE.

Long time coming. Please have a look at the graph end stop telling us how great IE is. Graph here.

We expect more from technology and less from each other.

Specific lecture about the way the use of technology changes your relationships. Food for thought.

Why we cloud…

As always great thoughts and clear language.

Kerning “game”

Great website that make you test your kerning ability. Good fun.

Google has designers!

Jon Wiley explains some of the design thought behind the recent visual update of the main Google products.

  • red buttons signify “make something”
  • blue buttons signify “do something”
  • green buttons signify “create something that has an audience”


The Danish type foundry Playtype has a new website. Good use of jQuery if you ask us.


Over the last months we have seen more animated gifs. Not the tiny ones from the 90s, but larger still images with a small animation in them. Looks like they might be given the name Cinemagraphs. The author of the image below is unknown to us.

What is the difference between the Google Chrome and Chromium browsers

There are a bunch of technical differences between the two which can be found here. The bottom line remains: use Chrome for a tested browser with PDF capabilities, use Chromium for the latest code. We use both.