We have added deportretfotograaf.be to our services.


Portraiture and wedding photography are now available as services at Special Order. Let’s make pretty pictures!

Project website: deportretfotograaf.be


Google: end of support for Internet Explorer 9

Google has just announced that the will stop putting effort in supporting IE9.
As a consequence, so will we. Support for IE9 will of course be available on special request.

Download specimen of Fira font

Download specimen page of Fira font

Erik Spiekermann, who is designing the Fira font for the Firefox operating system, has made a specimen page available. As expected the font looks very usable on mobile.

Leandro Erlich on Dalston House

Reality is what we know, but could be many other things as well…

Colour Mixing: The Mystery of Magenta

Een goede uitleg waarom paars zo’n vreemde kleur is.

Gigapixel image of Everest

Gigapixel image of Mount Everest and the Khumbu glacier. Pan and zoom to incredible detail. You can even see Everest basecamp and climbers making their way up. Captured by David Breashers. Glacierworks.orgGigapixel image of Everest

Chrome is now used more than IE.

Long time coming. Please have a look at the graph end stop telling us how great IE is. Graph here.

We expect more from technology and less from each other.

Specific lecture about the way the use of technology changes your relationships. Food for thought.

Heath Ceramics

Beautiful product and well executed corporate identity, photography and website. Like it!